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About Our Workshop

A new cleanroon up to GMP standard was set up since 2016,it covers an area of 13, 000 m² With the construction area of 17, 000 m² And producing tract of 13, 200 m² Including cleanrooms of 2, 300 m² In which cleanroom of Class C covers 2, 000 m² And that of Class B covers 300 m² With over 60 m² Of which follows into Class A. In addition, the plant has introduced more production facilities such as the Invoa filling machine from Germany, the sterilizer from GETINGE, the semi-automatic filling and sealing equipment from Pluemat, 5T / h purified water machine, 3T / h water for injection machine, and1T / h of pure steam generator.

High standards:
We are committed to ensuring that our products are every bit as safe as they are effective. Our products are made in limited batch sizes with a fully integrated process that aligns product development, manufacturing and quality control. All of our products are manufactured with rigorous testing and oversight, ensuring they consistently meet the highest standards.