Numbing Cream Anesthetic Cream Lidocaine Cream 500g

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Skin-numbing creams work by blocking sodium channels, so the nerves that supply sensation to the skin can’t send pain signals. These creams may be used during cosmetic appointments, before minor surgery, before receiving a tattoo, or others times when the skin may be exposed to pain.

High concentration of lido – 10.56%;
High concentration of lido – 25.6%

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SM nurmbing cream is made in Korea, and it is approved by the KFDA, with 10.56% lidocaine, it is safe to use, it won't feel burning or allergies compares to other brands or China made products.  10.56% lidocaine provides ultra strong numbing effect, it is the most strongest topical anesthetic numbing creamwithout any side effects.
Topical anesthesia contains lidocaine, which is a medication used to to reduce pain in small areas including the skin, nose, and throat. Injection lidocaine is used to treat ventricular tachycardia and to perform nerve block while topical numbing cream is used to used to numb tissue in a specific area. These products are available as gels, sprays, solutions, creams, and ointments. SM Numbing cream is most commonly used to relieve pain caused by waxing, piercing, tattooing, tattoo removal, micro needling, skin boosters injection and laser treatments as well.
Try to use the minimum effective amount according to individual lasting duration.

Mainly applicable to

1. Various surgeries for superficial skin (less than 5mm);
2. Medical cosmetology (cosmetic injection, laser treatment, etc.);
3. Needle aspiration (microneedle, tattoo, eyebrow tattooing, lip bleaching, etc.).
Storage: Sealed, not refrigerated.
Validity: 3 years

Six major advantages
★Absorb fast
★ Maintain a long time
★ Wide range of application
★ No sensitization
★ No stimulation
★ Simple operation

Precautions and Safekeeping:
1. For external use only, not for eyes and nose.
2. Avoid storage in places with high or low temperatures above 40°C and in places exposed to sunlight.
3. Twist the lid after each use and store it at room temperature of 1~30°C


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