Hyaluronic Acid Skin Repair dressings Medical Grade

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Ingredients: Sodium hyaluronic acid, etc
Use: It has abundant curative effect on treating skin allergy and promoting skin repair, and is suitable for pigmentation of mild to moderate inflammation and acne.

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1. What is medical beauty facial mask?

Strictly speaking, medical beauty mask should be called medical beauty dressing/compress, it is not a category. At the very beginning, it was prescribed by hospitals or medical institutions for skin patients or people after medical beauty projects. It is not used as daily skin care, so it is different from ordinary facial mask

2.Whats's the difference between Medical beauty facial mask and ordinary facial mask?

The biggest difference between the two is that we value the most is safety. The cleanliness of the production environment of medical beauty mask is much higher than that of ordinary mask. The higher the cleanliness, the less microbial pollution the mask is exposed to in the production process. The second is no addition. Hormones, chemical preservatives, flavorings, additives, fluoresces, and colors are not added. And common face film is besides can not flaunt oneself to do not have besides add, also do above all composition very rarely do not add. We've spoken before about the "zero" addition of skincare products, which claim to be "preservative-free" but sneak in ingredients like "ethanol" and "hexanediol" to confuse the public.

3.Why the Medical beauty facial mask effect and applicable crowd?

The ingredients of medical beauty facial mask are much simpler than ordinary facial mask, so it is relatively simple in terms of efficacy. It is mainly used for moisturizing and hydrating and repairing the skin barrier. So medical beauty mask is almost applicable to everyone.

4.What kind of person must use medical beauty facial film?

Sensitive muscles, dry skin, skin barrier damage, acne inflammation, skin sunburn, just finished the medical beauty people can choose more medical beauty mask as a daily care. Especially at the end of the season, the skin resistance is low and vulnerable to stimulation, it is more suitable for this kind of safety mask.

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