Pdo/Pcl/Tornado Screw V Lifting Pdo Thread Lift Face Lift

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The needles of the tornado screw beauty needles are sharp needles, the thread body is PDO lifting thread, half of the two threads are worn in the needle tube

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Tornado Screw Beauty Needle

Tornado threads often in the form of  double threads intertwined together around the inserting needle. These threads have a great effect on volumizing sunken areas of the skin. Naturally, the intertwining threads have a stronger effect over the singular threads and are usually used for general face-lifting.




PDO is an abbreviation of polydioxanone which widely used as surgery stitch thread and it is very safe to human body. As a colorless biodegradable synthetic polymer, it is a monofilament, so hydrolyzed in body and then naturally excreted by urine. PDO procedure leads to mechanotransduction within skin by forming vector among the threads. This treatment is featured with high safety, adjustability, short-term response. Once the thread is absorbed, the collagens starts to grow and this will be last 2 years at most.


Production Description Needle Gauge Needle Length/mm
Tornado Screw(Sharp Needle) 26G 38mm,60mm,90mm
27G 38mm,50mm,60mm,90mm

How it works

  • There are two types of procedures with PDO threads: Mesh or Lift.
  • The mesh procedure uses smooth threads to create a mesh under the skin. This mesh is like a net that will serve as the foundation for new collagen production. This technique tightens the skin naturally achieving visible results without any drastic change.
  • For the lift technique, we use barbed threads to produce more dramatic and immediate results. The barbed PDO sutures provide a grip underneath the skin instantly repositioning the skin. Just like smooth threads, the skin will build new collagen which will secure the lift.

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