Multi Thread Beauty Needle Disposable Absorbable Polydioxanone Face Lifting Dermal Sterile

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The multi thread beauty needle is specially used for filling the deep concave part of the face.

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Multi Thread Beauty Needle

The multi thread beauty needle is specially used for filling the deep concave part of the face.

The needle of multi thread beauty needle is L-type needle , it can reduce bleeding, pain and swelling. The 5 PDO lifting threads are folded into 10 strands, two of which are in the needle tube, and the remaining four are outside the needle tube. The Multi thread can replace the large / medium molecule hyaluronic acid. It is especially suitable for the use of stripe pattern, puppet pattern, Sichuan character pattern, raised grain, fishtail line, pouch and so on. When the cortex is implanted, the 8 PDO lifting threads outside the needle tube will disperse, occupy more cortical space, and the filling effect is better.

 Product Description Picture SPECIFICATIONS
Multi Threads
L needle
 5 23G 38
23G 60

COG thread implants may cause redness, swelling, pain or bruising at the treatment site. Usually, these changes are mild and disappear after a few days. To obtain optimal correction effects and safe convalescence:
– do not apply makeup for up to 12 hours
– avoid solarium and excessive sun exposure for up to 2 weeks after the procedure
– do not expose the correction site to extreme low and high temperatures
– apply ointments that seal blood vessels to the place where the bruising occurred
– immediately report any disturbing changes to the specialist performing the procedure

Threads may only be used by doctors and medical personnel trained in the techniques of using COG lifting threads. Before starting the procedure, it is recommended to take a medical history and obtain the patient’s informed consent. The procedure and the injection site should be fully aseptic during implantation. Due to the lack of clinical data, it is not recommended to use the product in places that have been corrected with other preparations and in locations not recommended by the manufacturer, in particular in blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, and bones. Incorrect or inconsistent with the manufacturer’s recommendations may lead to complications and side effects.

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