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Cog Threads are a type of PDO-based thread lift treatment. They are commonly used for their lifting abilities of the cheeks to correct nasolabial folds, across the jawline to reduce the appearence of jowls, on the neck to eliminate sagging skin and along with the nose for a safe, non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty.

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Cog threads are essentially mono threads, but with barbs deigned to hook to the underside of the skin. These barbs are usually either cut or molded as part of the thread and purposed as a support structure to lift sagging tissues. Unlike smooth mono threads, cog threads do not require anchoring points. In the case of cog threads, collagen formation will occur around both the threads and their barbs; making it most effective for jawline lifting and slimming.

W-type Lifting Thread


The needle of PCL W-type lifting thread is W type. The most commonly used W-type lifting thread are 18G-100mm, 19G-100mm.




Product Description Needle Gauge Needle Length/mm
Cog Type 3D W needle 18G 100mm
Cog Type 3D W needle 19G 100mm
Cog Type 3D W needle 21G 100mm
Molding Cog W needle 18G 100mm
Molding Cog W needle Anchoring Type 18G 100mm

Why Cog Threads?

Cog Threads’ primary focus is to tighten the skin, while also ensuring that it is rejuvenated. We recommend PDO Threads due to them being made out of a safe, reliable and clinically-tested bio-compatible substance. Thus, they reduce the likelihood of risks dramatically in comparison to a surgical procedure and guarantee no scarring.

Cog Thread’s will leave skin feeling and looking smooth, plump and tight, while also enhancing the skin’s tone and tightening pores. Treatments usually take up to an hour, making them a very convenient choice, and one that allows clients to resume their day post-treatment due to recovery time being minimal. Cog Threads have been known to work miraculously in combination with PRP, Fillers and Microneedling.

● To prevent a phenomenon of wrinkled skin by dispersing gravity force of the tissue which is caught in processus
● Equal pull by dispersing stress
● To maximize bond between thread and tissue by dispersing both force and stress
● To form effective force merely with thin thread
● Applicable to various parts: skin around eyes, wrinkles formed around mouth, marionette lines, etc.
● No protruding thread through skin as less motion in skin is detected and it is well fixed in the tissue because of a mass of short processus
● To minimize pain and less irritating feeling after procedure compared to other threads with processus
● Simple procedure is avail
able using less number of threads
● Contouring effect is seen through simple procedure

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