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Mono threads are smooth threads without barbs. These thread types are great for tightening up the skin when lifting is not really required.Mono screw beauty needle can be used for the body, in the butterfly sleeve, abdomen, thigh, buttock shape, can also achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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Mono threads are often used on neck lines, neck sagginess, forehead and under eyes. These threads are designed to be attached to an “anchoring point” under the skin. Although effective in the stimulation of collagen production and synthesis, mono threads are generally effective only for tightening of the skin but not lift.

Embedding the lifting thread into the skin can stimulate the deeper dermis to produce more fibrous connective tissue. Therefore, in improving mandibular contour, statutory lines, corners of mouth, eye circumference lines, forehead lines and other issues, compared with the general smooth line has a more obvious compact effect.


About 9 months after treatment, the filaments will dissolve, but the results will still last for many months. We recommend that you repeat this step within 6-9 months after the first step to get results up to 3 years.
PDO line can be used for lifting, revitalizing (improving skin texture and wrinkles), plumping and even reducing fat. Different threads serve different purposes.
After about 1 week, you will look more natural.
Can be used on the face, or on various parts of the body whose main purpose is to improve rather than restore strength.




Production Description Needle Gauge Needle Length/mm
Mono (Sharp Needle) 26G 38mm ,60mm ,90mm
27G 38mm ,50mm ,60mm ,90mm
29G 38mm ,50mm ,60mm
30G 25mm,38mm


Production Description Needle Gauage Needle Length/mm
Mono Screw (Sharp Needle) 26G 38mm ,60mm ,90mm
27G 38mm,50mm,60mm,90mm
29G 38mm,50mm,60mm
30G 25mm,38mm

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