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PCL lifting thread is a kind of absorbable embedding line made of white PCL, which is buried under the surface of skin through needles.

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PCL Lifting thread


Polycaprolactone (PCL): Although not as commonly used or as popular as the PDO and PLLA, polucaprolactone (PCL) threads is one that can last up to more than 2 years. This is because, the chemical bonds and structure in PCL are stronger and more complex, hence it takes a much longer time to be dissolved completely. The slower rate of degradation of the PCL threads also makes it ideal to be inserted to the surrounding tissues over an extended time; achieving a longer lasting result. PCL is also known to be very potent at stimulating collagen production as compared to PDO or PLLA. Once dissolved, the material breaks down into nontoxic ordinary substances and even after the thread has dissolved, collagen production can last for up to one year.


Minimally invasive and safe
100% dissolvable
Tighten and lift sagging skin
Restore facial volume
Enhance and augment nose
Stimulate Collagen growth

When PCL lifting thread is inserted into subcutaneous tissue, it is equivalent to a foreign body, which can arouse human body's repair function, stimulate skin fibroblasts, subcutaneous adipocytes and some inflammatory cells, secrete collagen and various growth factors, achieve self-renewal and differentiation, produce new collagen, form collagen fibers around pull-up line, when these absorbable lines are completely degraded by enzymes in vivo. (decomposed into CO2 and water), no other ingredients remain, which is also the safety of thelifting thread, PCL lifting thread later pull effect is maintained by these formed collagen bands.

PCL is new generation lifting thread, which is an upgraded version of PDO. The beauty effet of PCL will mantain 2-3 years after the operation.It's last longer than PDO and PLLA threads.


What kind of Types do we have ?

Type Needle Gauge Needle Length
Mono(Sharp Needle) 26G/27G/29G 38mm/50mm/60mm
Mono Screw(Sharp Needle) 26G/27G/29G 38mm/50mm/60mm
Blunt Needle(Eye) 30G 25mm
Multi Threads L Needle 23G 38mm/60mm
Cog Type2-1 L needle 19G 38mm/60mm
Cog Type 3D W needle 18G/19G 100mm
Molding Cog W needle 18G 100mm
Molding Cog W needle Anchoring Type 18G 100mm

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